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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
The role of lawyers in qui tam cases The costs associated with a qui tam lawyer Pitfalls to avoid in filing your qui tam case Where to file whistleblower claims



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1. Do not discuss your Qui Tam claim with anyone other than an attorney! You can lose your rights if information is disclosed publicly in the wrong manner. There is a Public Disclosure Rule that applies to all Qui Tam claims.
2. Contact an Attorney if you think you have a case. You should know all of your rights and obligations before you file your claim. Use the above form to contact our office to determine if you have a case.
3. In order to prevail, you must be the First to File. Therefore do not delay in contacting and selecting your lawyer.
4. There is also a Statute of Limitations. Again, do not delay in contacting and selecting your lawyer, as there is a time limit in which to bring your Qui Tam claims under the False Claims Act.
5. Read the site disclaimer.


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Whistleblower Claims

Whistleblower Claims

Whistle Blower Blog

Woman whistleblower receives $96 million

Kudos to the woman whistleblower who tried to solve the problem and play by the Glaxo-Smith-Kline company rules only to be fired.

Whistleblower Claims Pacemaker Kickback

Whistleblower Claims Pacemaker KickbackA major player in the manufacturing of pacemakers and other heart devices allegedly has a kickback scheme or so says a former employee and whistleblower.

Qui Tam laws

"Qui tam" action

Citizens generally do not like to see their government defrauded. While some assume that there is nothing they can do when their government is being defrauded, there IS something that can be done. It is known as a "qui tam" action.

Filing Deadlines

Qui tam and Statute of Limitation

The deadline for filing a qui tam action depends on type of claim, however, it is absolutely critical to not make any judgments on the statute of limitations if you are not a practicing attorney. After all, if all it took to be a legal expert was simply opening up a copy of the US Code then there would be no need for attorneys.


What is a Whistleblower?

A "whistleblower" is anyone who calls attention to illegal, illicit or fraudulent behavior, exposing corruption via a Qui Tam case.

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The False Claims Act:

False Claims Act

The False Claims Act empowers private citizens with the ability to file lawsuits against federal contractors who are committing acts of fraud against the government. Read Background

The False Claims Act barres members of the private sector from illicitly procuring fees from the government.
Such as falsely certifying unfinished work was completed; falsely billing or overcharging the government; failure for testing products to ascertain they actually work; and a number of other means to acquire finances from the government despite not fulfilling contractual obligations.

The Role of Lawyers in Qui Tam Cases:

It goes without saying that a relator will need legal representation in a Qui Tam case. But, what is the role of the lawyer? Read More

An attorney needs to expertly determine whether or not a case has merit. The attorney also needs to be aggressive in pursuing the case. The attorney must also make sure the case is filed in the correct court.

Pitfalls to Avoid in Filing Your Qui Tam case
The Costs Associated with a Qui Tam Lawyer